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a collection of owned & operated tiktok publications

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globally recognized gen z creators, exclusively managed by kyra

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technology transforming how brands & creators partner on tiktok

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a collection of owned & operated tiktok publications

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a brand new talk show hosted on tiktok

11m total views
25.7% VCR
14x total videos


a youtube global hit sneaker show

2.6m total views
6x videoseries on youtube
9m minutes watched


a breakout tiktok creator campaign

20m total views
45x total videos
76% positive comments


tiktok year long sponsorship, building brand perception amongst gen z

14% ad recallamongst gen z
11% more likelyto shop at Walmart

l’oreal elvive

a show-stopping hashtag challenge for l’oreal’s hyaluronic serum

145m total views
1m+ total likes

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x abby roberts
x iconicakes
x dylan sanglay
“Kyra are well versed in the social media and creator space, so they understand my way of working, facilitating my brand partnerships, and helping me build connections. The whole team are so dedicated and supportive.” - Abby Roberts
“We love working with Kyra! They’ve made us more knowledgable on the Creator industry and how to grow our brand and businesses – all whilst ensuring we grow together and maintain our creator authenticity along the way” - Iconicakes
“Working with Kyra Team members was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had…I felt like I was part of a family” - Dylan Sanglay

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